Wednesday, 13 January 2016

4 Predictions About Mobile App Development Trends in 2016

Around three or four years back, it would be a significant undertaking for us to utilize our cell phones or even think of a mobile app to call a taxicab, book flight tickets, reserve a place for supper or even score a date!
From the previous couple of years, the mobile app development business has amassed a progression of changes and now with 2016 ringing in we are looking at the following step – some more advancement in terms of tech and mobile applications! The inundation of patterns ushers in most recent innovation, fresh out of the brand new programming codes, wearable gadgets thus a great deal more which are going to look altogether different from the beginning days of what any well known or driving versatile mobile appdevelopment company may have seen.

With all the mobile app developers working extremely hard to stay in front of all the present innovations and conventions, this implies we are in for some more innovative tech trends in 2016! So what are the patterns we all need to keep ourselves prepared up for one year from now with regard to mobile application development? Here's all that you have to know. Read on:

1) Swift:

Till late times, all the versatile mobile app developers utilized customary projects, for example, HTML, Objective-C and C++. Be that as it may, 2014 realized the presentation of Apple's Swift and after its significant release,; it's been the most mainstream improvement dialect chose by mobile application developer(s) and top mobile app development companies alike.
Most of the mobile app developers and designers have coordinated Swift with LinkedIn, Vine and Yahoo likewise and now all the leading enterprises around the globe have changed to this dialect. Towards the future, Swift for sure is here to stay as its creators are already actively working on desktop-variant of the same called as Perfect.
So what would we be able to decipher from this change? Coders can now make both a versatile mobile app and in addition a server-side management platform on Swift which just means the language pretty much has a bright future ahead.

2)  Let’s talk Security:

A report released currently by a top-notch mobile application development firm has clearly declared that out of 5 mobile applications, around 4 of them wouldn’t be able to provide optimum performance when it comes to security. This issue has been a noteworthy reason for stress and designers have worked hard on this – looking ahead one year from now, this should be the main focus also. Apple's most recent iOS 9 stage is loaded with top of the line security highlights whilst Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow is going to follow suit and raise its security protocols. With applications being developed all over the place which stores sensitive data, for example, credit card details and other legitimate data, mobile app developers can't bear to let slack and disregard the security holes in their applications especially during the deployment and development phase.

3)  Say hello to Wearable Tech:

Google Glass was pretty in last year and the year before the last, but the interest in wearable technology still does not appear to go away– thanks to smashing success of Apple Watch. Moving on in 2016, the challenge gets even better for WatchKit developers owing to the release of the Watch OS2.

4)  Free, free, free:

Currently, there are almost 75% mobile applications which are totally free of cost, and according to a study by Gartner, this number is going to climb up to 93% by 2016! The main revenue-generating force for both iOS and Android mobile app developers are in-app purchases and total amount of mobile apps are going to inch towards 310 billion!
Thus from the above, we can see the latest trends that would be very popular this year.

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