Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Top Benefits of Cab App Solutions for Taxi Business

If you’re running a taxi business, why not look for a reliable cab app solution? Your own cab app for your taxi business will help you to reach out to more customers, take bookings easily and increase profits. You no longer need to have a representative to talk to customers to confirm a booking. Customers will be able to book a cab they need from all the ones that you offer, at their convenient time and place and paying the suitable rent.

Here is a look at how both your customers and drivers will be able to benefit with a good cab app solution created with the help of a good taxi dispatch software.

How do Customers Benefit?

Imagine a rain-soaked evening and you are returning from work. The public transport is packed to its capacity and you do not want to squeeze in. Also, there no cabs are plying. The ones who are, refuse to take you.

Now, again, imagine, you having the ability to use your phone to call a cab, based on your location and the cabs too. The nearest available one pulls up beside you and gives you a warm ride back home. That is the power of the mobile app-based taxi business. It brings transportation right at your feet or doorstep.

Easy bookings - Cab app solutions make it really easy for the customer. Add in the fact that most payments happen online, even not having cash handy is solved. You get to build in brand recognition and customer loyalty easily - the end objective of every successful app. The more the user engagement, the higher the chances of revenue generation.

Unlimited reach - Another advantage of the mobile based cab app solution is the opportunity to serve a virtually limitless stream of passengers. Anybody having a smartphone is now virtually a passenger. With Android shipping a billion plus devices in 2015, as per a Pew Center report, the opportunities are immense.

Extensive payment options - Linking credit and debit cards to the payment gateway make it even easier for the user to travel. After the trip the details are sent to the registered mail id as well as a text message is sent. A receipt is mailed to emai id.

Increased confidence - The option of rating the driver improves services and the company can also personalize the services with the idea of enhancing customer experience. The cab apps rely on the GPS to locate the requesting user. By this precious time is saved and the customer can track the cab right from the date of booking.

2. What are the Benefits to the Drivers?

If you’ve drivers in your taxi business, they would be able to have it easy with a taxi app too.
With cash fewer transactions, the drivers have to travel with less money and hence the chance of getting mugged diminishes.

With GPS based navigation, drivers can select their nearest request and accept it. This helps them to make quick decisions and also the turnaround time decreases. As a result of which, more applications can be accepted thereby increasing the earning of the driver as well as the company.

Creating your own Taxi App

Cab App solutions for the taxi business is here to stay and the face of transportation is about to change forever. A taxi app development company can help you design the right cab app solutions. You can even have your own cab app features that can be different from your competitors and reach out to millions of potential customers. Contact a good taxi app development company to know how they can help you.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Why Alumni Management App Solution is important

A college or university places high value on its alumni association. To keep the alumni bonded with the campus, the authorities depend on traditional methods like maintaining an alumni database and taking help of website, postal services, emails and phone calls to share information and knowledge.

But in these days of smart-phone revolution, these means are proving to be outdated. Few universities have already taken up Alumni Management & Engagement Mobile App Solution that is helping them to connect and cater to their alumni in a better way. In this article we are going to talk about the many benefits that an alumni management app offers for your university or institution.

Comprehensive database of alumni
Alumni apps enable former students to upload their profile on the app along with valuable details like location, contact number, job details, photos, etc. You can send invites to former students providing a link to download the app and join it. Ex-students can easily upload the data and complete their profile in a short time. As all the profiles are stored under a single platform, it becomes comprehensive and easy to search for a specific person.

Real time chatting
Alumni management apps come with live chatting feature for the members. It eliminates the need of alumni meeting at a physical location and can establish contact easily. The alumni can be anywhere around the world, but they can stay connected using the chat feature at all times.

Content sharing platform
Alumni Management App Solution can be the perfect platform for hosting and sharing content related to the university. Members can upload their own images, videos and content and share with the alumni. Latest news and update about the educational institute can also be posted in the alumni app.

Job opportunities
The alumni management apps have separate section where the alumni can post and share information about latest job openings and career resources. The information can be accessed by selected alumni or by a specific group of alumni belong to a specific stream. You can also post about job opportunities available in the campus which the alumni may be interested in.

Better reach and coverage
Using the alumni app, you can send newsletters, digital magazines and event invites to alumni in a matter of few seconds. Almost everyone uses a smart-phone now, and this translates to wider reach and better connectivity with your alumni. You can notify them of the official reunion and update if there is any change in plans.

Collaboration between alumni and students
Students graduating out to become alumni can have a smooth experience by learning and receiving helpful suggestions from the alumni. The Application Development for alumni can also have the option of students to join in so that they can interact with the alumni and access any information they require. It also gives the alumni an opportunity to form a picture of the present campus by communicating with the students.

Classified section and discussion Board
Alumni Management & Engagement Mobile App Solution also feature forums and classified boards where alumni can post important things. It provides a platform for engaging the alumni and gives them an opportunity to have a meaningful discussion.

Social media integration
Alumni apps can be linked with various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter. It helps promote the alumni association while providing opportunity to new members to sign up. You can share your alumni group and post comments and pictures which will be synced across the platforms.

Platform for donations
You can also use the alumni apps to send push notifications when you want to raise a donation for some cause. It makes the process easy and makes it easy and quick for the alumni to donate.

Building A Taxi Booking App From Uber Clone Script Is A Smart Move

The sector of app advancement has seen a striking development in the beginning of 2016. The vast majority of the business visionaries have begun to catch these commercial ventures in different specialties and taxi booking is one among them. But there are pioneers in this part like Uber, you can show signs of improvement business sector for your application. 
Do you want to create your own cab booking app like Uber?
Well, creating an all new cab booking app like Uber would cost you a fortune! But, there are Uber clone script accessible with well known app advancement companies. You can purchase one of those clone script and modify them as per your requirements. Suppose you need to run an the app with least possible functionalities, the assessed expense to assemble such all new application would cost you not less than 10,000 USD. And consider that you chose to go with clone scripts, you can radically diminish the evaluated cost around 75%.
The real elements you ought to expect in these scripts are as they follow:
- App for both users: Drivers and Passengers
- Registration
- GPS enabled app to confirm the pickup and destination point
- Provision to book and accept trips
- Estimated fare calculation as per distance, travelling time, etc. 

Check features of Uber clone script
- Overview of booking and its history
- different payment modules and options of inbuilt wallets
- Support of chats available for passengers and drivers
- Admin dashboard to have a vision of rides, starting and completion.
- Rate and remark highlight for Drivers and passengers
- Manage and control passengers and drivers
- Dispute alternative for any sort of issues

These are a portion of the fundamental elements of the application. Be that as it may, the Uber clone scripts will have considerably more components required for taxi booking.
The quick development of mobile app technology has contracted down the world to the cellphones as it were. Whether there is a need to book a film ticket or it is about getting a lodging room or you have to book a table in any eatery before your visit, there is an application for each conceivable necessity today. Among every one of these applications, taxi booking applications are turning out to be more prominent due to the expanded interest from the passengers. 

How mainstream are Taxi booking applications?
The prominence of taxi booking applications is on the expansion to take into account the progressing request. The thought regarding the prominence of these taxi application development can without much of a stretch be attracted to the way that all these applications are making the most of their existence in the business.
Nothing could be superior to having the entrance to the most ideal taxi booking services for a happy with riding. A simple access for your upgraded ride is the company’s dedication you have hired for uber Clone application development.

Advantages of building up a Uber clone application from a dependable organization:
1. Dependable and moderate services: The organization you pick must attempt to create applications for taxicab booking benefits that are dependable and reasonable in the meantime.
2. Quick conveyance: Whether it is about getting the redesigns, data about the vehicle or notifications of booking, the application must oblige all these necessities.
3. Brief users support: In the event that you get an issue in undertakings or related application, your picked organization or services must be all there with brief client support to determine the same.
4. Provision for customization: The taxi booking portable app development services must be exceptionally adjustable for comfort of the clients. 

Some important features of taxi booking apps
1. Easy Registration: Simple sign in and join office for the riders as well as for the drivers. It consequently gets simple to utilize the mobile application.
2. Notifications: It goes for sending message notifications to the drivers and to the riders as well.
3. Search facility: The search facility has been produced for the clients to recognize the area.
4. Fare: The inbuilt component called Price calculator helps customers to figure the toll utilizing the application as it were. 

Quality can never be traded off in any business and significantly more on the off chance that it is an innovation based. To build up a plan of action like Uber and to meet the requests and necessities of the taxi proprietors and travelers, it is compulsory to pick a best Uber clone script for developing the application.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Tips for Launching an Alumni App

Alumni Management & Engagement Mobile App Solution is a great way for colleges and schools to engage with their alumni and retain a strong relationship even after they leave the campus. Many Mobile App Development Companies have made apps for colleges and universities, yet they are not able to get attention of their alumni. Any alumni app needs to have the institutions’ alumni in it. It needs to have alumni who have left the institution long ago but share a bonding nevertheless.


Tips to Make Your Alumni App Successful
However, when you are launching an Alumni Management App, the engagement quotient remains a problem. How do you ensure that the alumni actually join the app? How do you motivate them to take the next step?

To popularize the app and make a successful launching, follow the tips mentioned below.

Generate curiousness
Make a mention of the alumni app in your monthly newsletter or reunion announcement. Your alumni can bring their mobile devices to the reunion and get to test the app even if it is not released yet.

Spread social media notifications
Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook is great to connect with alumni and reach them. Update the app information in the Facebook page or post tweets informing alumni about the app.

Poster and banners
Put up a banner or a poster in school events which alumni or parents are expected to attend. It is a great way to attract their attention through creative visuals.

Give a demo
You can use a tablet or smartphone and deploy the app to register alumni information and details in a college event. When alumni will see the app play out in front of their own eyes, they will be keener to use it.

Web landing page
There can be a separate page or link on the school or university website that directs users to download the Alumni App. You can also make a FAQ page about the alumni app and post it on the website for generating interest and making the use of app simple.

Promo video
Audio visual is the best form of expression and making a promo video of your alumni app is a great idea. You can play it on events or send it to alumni to draw their interest.

Make it newsworthy
The news section of the university or school website is used to post news about the campus, teacher, games, etc. Why not utilize the space and throw a few lines about the alumni app? The news section is frequently checked by alumni who miss the campus. Providing app information in the news will lead to greater discovery and increase visibility of the app.

Incorporate in faculty communications
The link to the app can be included in the signature of emails of school or university development officers. They frequently communicate with donors or alumni and the link in their signatures will broaden the reach of your Alumni Management & Engagement Mobile App Solution.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

How do the admin panel of Taxi dispatch system functions?

Taxi dispatch system is on fashion in the taxi business to benefit the customers/passengers rapidly and effectively. Gone are those days when people used to shout their heart out to stop and hail a taxi, now that situation is been took over by the new taxi dispatch software which permits to book the taxi in no time without any hassle. Individuals think that it's extremely convenient and simple to connect with a taxi through cell phones.

There are numerous taxi mobility programming accessible in the business sector. Every product guarantees its own particular focal points and merits. Normally, the taxi dispatch system depends on drawing in a taxi by making a call, send content, or utilize applications. The convenience of the passenger is taken into consideration by giving alternatives to pick auto sort like a/c or non a/c and so forth. The taxi arrives expeditiously at get spot with GPS construct following in light of the guide. When driver drops the passenger to his/her location, passenger can pay him either cash, or via debit/credit card.

Following are the key benefits of a taxi dispatch software:
  • One app for both passenger and driver, where they can get themselves registered;
  • No additional equipment, No additional gear.
  • Taxicab notifications and real time updates.
  • Auto dispatch of taxi request to closest driver.
  • Programmed route computation.
  • Programmed fare estimation in light of fare rates.
  • In-app notification to travelers and drivers.
  • Three different types of cabs can be registered.
  • Backend Driver Management for admin and Passenger Management
  • Easy to use admin boards.
  • Track every day exchange and reports.
  • Offer usefulness – Share on G+
  • Coupon Codes for rebates
  • Integration of Paypal and other payment gateway
  • Full Source Code- customizable
  • Coordinate extra installment entryway
  • Pre-booking option for future rides.

Features for friendly admin panel:

  • Keep up the record of three different types of taxicabs.

  • Manages Cab benefits (Multiple) and include rates for these taxicab sorts. Tag tariff and taxes as per every hour and duty per kilometer, holding up charges per 10 minutes and pictures. At the point, when driver will enroll, he will be required to choose from these select and administrator controlled rate card will be allotted to him.

  • Manage both passengers and drivers

  • Rides and Balance Reports on Passengers and Drivers.

  • Management of discount and offers.

  • Frontend Web Pages CMS

This framework depicted above is followed in all the product yet just certain product gets prevalence and acknowledgment in people in general. The accomplishment of any taxi dispatch programming relies on the adequacy of the admin board to deal with the business. A portion of the best features upheld by the effective admin board of the taxi mobility software are examined underneath.

1) User can book by means of various channels like adopting the application or use it for making a call or for SMSing. The admin panel ought to have the capacity to oversee distinctive sorts of booking proficiently.

2) The admin panel must have the capacity to deal with the organizations, cab drivers, and clients by giving them login option.

3) The complete CRM exercises ought to be overseen by admin board such that organizations have a hang on the business.

4) The perceivability of the software ought to be altered according to the pretended, for example, supervisor or driver. The capacities that are identified with an admin ought to just be unmistakable for him while driver's board ought to indicate just the choices like setting status, handle payment and so on.

5) The admin panel must have the capacity to manage information of various nation, state, and city such that booking is made worldwide or area driven.

6) The admin board must permit the customer to set or change his credential adaptably, entirely holding fast to security of the product.

7) The taxi organization or directors must have the capacity to see the factual data utilizing the admin board.

8) The different settings, for example, person to person communication site settings, SMTP mail settings, installment door settings and so forth should be reasonable utilizing the dashboard.

9) The data, for example, taxi brand, model, limit, taxi number, courtesies, and admission must be taken care of by the admin board.

10) The driver points of interest like permit and booking limit must be observed by the dashboard.

11) The client data like location, miles, rating and so on must be recorded by admin board.

12) Total gaining must be seen in one look to screen progress.

13) Facility to overhaul the data by means of admin board must be conceivable anytime. Continuous upgrades ought to be backed.

14) Search office must be incorporated in view of exchange id, taxi number, client name, driver name and so forth.

15) Tracking the taxi or driver must be conceivable utilizing the taxi dispatch system.

16) Finally, the taxi organization must have the office to subscribe or unsubscribe the product whenever utilizing the admin board.

The admin panel is the most critical element of the taxi portability programming which deals with the entire business. The nature of the product can be dictated by the execution of the dashboard and its adaptability in dealing with the different back-end settings.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

What are the Benefits of a Good Taxi Dispatch System?

Uber and many other taxi booking applications has been having some fantastic luck! With a nearness in more than 60 nations and a constantly expanding client base, Uber has its own appeal. According to recent studies, it is recommended that this taxi organization has had clients take so many trips in the most recent five years, that one could take an outing to Saturn with all that crazy distance travelled!
Taxi applications are prevalent, and nations like India, with the second most elevated populace on the planet, is a heaven for taxi application organizations which is why many taxi apps are mushrooming calling for an efficient taxi dispatch system.

How Does it Help you?

Envision you remaining in the midst of riotous activity and no vehicle. You have far to go home and the metered taxis won't take you. The transports are presently far and between. You take your mobile out and after some speedy writing you are a greatly alleviated man.

A radio taxi has been reserved and is en route to lift you up. Welcome to the new period of application based transport. Where solace meets innovation. So why is it so popular? Give us a chance to discover.

1.       Affordable
Other than great surge hours, application based taxis are sparing. Independent of climate conditions or destinations, these vehicle services have controlled estimating and won't approach you to pay for something not gave.

2.       Customer experience
Gone are the times of discourteous drivers and once-over taxis. New age rides are luxurious, smooth and agreeable. The drivers are prepared to be considerate and the travel invigorating. Application construct taxis depend in light of client input to ceaselessly enhance their services. They have a framework to rate the driver as well. This keeps the drivers spurred enough to perform their obligations well.

3.       Safe and sound
Application based taxicabs are a portion of the most secure methods of transport at present accessible. The drivers, as specified prior, are prepared in improved client experience. The drivers are appropriately and altogether foundation checked experts with no past criminal records. Additionally, application construct taxicabs are dependably in light of the GPS with their guardian association. So finding them is never an issue.

4.       Direction discoverer
Because of G.P.S innovation, hold up times have turned out to be much shorter and more exact. In addition, definite areas can now be achieved bother free, because of the guide on screen. The shrewd and instinctive movement administration frameworks likewise help you maintain a strategic distance from surge hour activity and devise of ways and courses to eliminate travel time.

5.       Payment Mode
There are different installment modes to pick structure for the client. One can pay money, from the online wallet and even charge cards. The traveler is spoilt for decisions while it comes to installment for the ride.

Application based taxicab services is the eventual fate of travel. Gone are the days when you sit tight perpetually for a taxi lastly when you get one, the driver rejects you. With this innovation, drivers need to compose pertinent reasons on the off chance that they ever happen to dismiss a ride. The framework is straightforward and the procedures tech based.

6.       Experience checks
The taxi drivers are experienced. They convey to the occupation years of movement and course information. Their skill in driving autos is unparalleled and they are likewise prepared in the craft of unrivaled client administration.

The application based taxi services do have their own weaknesses yet that is so unessential in the bigger setting. From hold up times shortening to grinning drivers, Positive travel experience to simplicity of installment.

Making the Right Noise

Organizations like OLA, Uber and Taxi For Sure are taking the diversion to a couple steps higher with their predominant and user friendly approach also teamed with an efficient Taxi Booking Software. Their income model changes according to their plan of action. In addition, innovation permits you to book a taxicab frame the solace of one's home and not circling in the city quickly looking for a taxi.
A few trivia with respect to Uber and the spread of the tech based transport
•        Uber works in around 60 nations and more than 300 urban areas all inclusive.
•        14% of Uber's drivers universally are female.
With the ascent of PDAs and infiltration of the web, application based items have turned into a lifestyle. The additional the reality of the situation will become obvious eventually, the more will these types of transport govern the street.