Friday, 20 May 2016

Tips for Launching an Alumni App

Alumni Management & Engagement Mobile App Solution is a great way for colleges and schools to engage with their alumni and retain a strong relationship even after they leave the campus. Many Mobile App Development Companies have made apps for colleges and universities, yet they are not able to get attention of their alumni. Any alumni app needs to have the institutions’ alumni in it. It needs to have alumni who have left the institution long ago but share a bonding nevertheless.

Tips to Make Your Alumni App Successful
However, when you are launching an Alumni Management App, the engagement quotient remains a problem. How do you ensure that the alumni actually join the app? How do you motivate them to take the next step?

To popularize the app and make a successful launching, follow the tips mentioned below.

Generate curiousness
Make a mention of the alumni app in your monthly newsletter or reunion announcement. Your alumni can bring their mobile devices to the reunion and get to test the app even if it is not released yet.

Spread social media notifications
Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook is great to connect with alumni and reach them. Update the app information in the Facebook page or post tweets informing alumni about the app.

Poster and banners
Put up a banner or a poster in school events which alumni or parents are expected to attend. It is a great way to attract their attention through creative visuals.

Give a demo
You can use a tablet or smartphone and deploy the app to register alumni information and details in a college event. When alumni will see the app play out in front of their own eyes, they will be keener to use it.

Web landing page
There can be a separate page or link on the school or university website that directs users to download the Alumni App. You can also make a FAQ page about the alumni app and post it on the website for generating interest and making the use of app simple.

Promo video
Audio visual is the best form of expression and making a promo video of your alumni app is a great idea. You can play it on events or send it to alumni to draw their interest.

Make it newsworthy
The news section of the university or school website is used to post news about the campus, teacher, games, etc. Why not utilize the space and throw a few lines about the alumni app? The news section is frequently checked by alumni who miss the campus. Providing app information in the news will lead to greater discovery and increase visibility of the app.

Incorporate in faculty communications
The link to the app can be included in the signature of emails of school or university development officers. They frequently communicate with donors or alumni and the link in their signatures will broaden the reach of your Alumni Management & Engagement Mobile App Solution.

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