Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Top Benefits of Cab App Solutions for Taxi Business

If you’re running a taxi business, why not look for a reliable cab app solution? Your own cab app for your taxi business will help you to reach out to more customers, take bookings easily and increase profits. You no longer need to have a representative to talk to customers to confirm a booking. Customers will be able to book a cab they need from all the ones that you offer, at their convenient time and place and paying the suitable rent.

Here is a look at how both your customers and drivers will be able to benefit with a good cab app solution created with the help of a good taxi dispatch software.

How do Customers Benefit?

Imagine a rain-soaked evening and you are returning from work. The public transport is packed to its capacity and you do not want to squeeze in. Also, there no cabs are plying. The ones who are, refuse to take you.

Now, again, imagine, you having the ability to use your phone to call a cab, based on your location and the cabs too. The nearest available one pulls up beside you and gives you a warm ride back home. That is the power of the mobile app-based taxi business. It brings transportation right at your feet or doorstep.

Easy bookings - Cab app solutions make it really easy for the customer. Add in the fact that most payments happen online, even not having cash handy is solved. You get to build in brand recognition and customer loyalty easily - the end objective of every successful app. The more the user engagement, the higher the chances of revenue generation.

Unlimited reach - Another advantage of the mobile based cab app solution is the opportunity to serve a virtually limitless stream of passengers. Anybody having a smartphone is now virtually a passenger. With Android shipping a billion plus devices in 2015, as per a Pew Center report, the opportunities are immense.

Extensive payment options - Linking credit and debit cards to the payment gateway make it even easier for the user to travel. After the trip the details are sent to the registered mail id as well as a text message is sent. A receipt is mailed to emai id.

Increased confidence - The option of rating the driver improves services and the company can also personalize the services with the idea of enhancing customer experience. The cab apps rely on the GPS to locate the requesting user. By this precious time is saved and the customer can track the cab right from the date of booking.

2. What are the Benefits to the Drivers?

If you’ve drivers in your taxi business, they would be able to have it easy with a taxi app too.
With cash fewer transactions, the drivers have to travel with less money and hence the chance of getting mugged diminishes.

With GPS based navigation, drivers can select their nearest request and accept it. This helps them to make quick decisions and also the turnaround time decreases. As a result of which, more applications can be accepted thereby increasing the earning of the driver as well as the company.

Creating your own Taxi App

Cab App solutions for the taxi business is here to stay and the face of transportation is about to change forever. A taxi app development company can help you design the right cab app solutions. You can even have your own cab app features that can be different from your competitors and reach out to millions of potential customers. Contact a good taxi app development company to know how they can help you.

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