Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Why Alumni Management App Solution is important

A college or university places high value on its alumni association. To keep the alumni bonded with the campus, the authorities depend on traditional methods like maintaining an alumni database and taking help of website, postal services, emails and phone calls to share information and knowledge.

But in these days of smart-phone revolution, these means are proving to be outdated. Few universities have already taken up Alumni Management & Engagement Mobile App Solution that is helping them to connect and cater to their alumni in a better way. In this article we are going to talk about the many benefits that an alumni management app offers for your university or institution.

Comprehensive database of alumni
Alumni apps enable former students to upload their profile on the app along with valuable details like location, contact number, job details, photos, etc. You can send invites to former students providing a link to download the app and join it. Ex-students can easily upload the data and complete their profile in a short time. As all the profiles are stored under a single platform, it becomes comprehensive and easy to search for a specific person.

Real time chatting
Alumni management apps come with live chatting feature for the members. It eliminates the need of alumni meeting at a physical location and can establish contact easily. The alumni can be anywhere around the world, but they can stay connected using the chat feature at all times.

Content sharing platform
Alumni Management App Solution can be the perfect platform for hosting and sharing content related to the university. Members can upload their own images, videos and content and share with the alumni. Latest news and update about the educational institute can also be posted in the alumni app.

Job opportunities
The alumni management apps have separate section where the alumni can post and share information about latest job openings and career resources. The information can be accessed by selected alumni or by a specific group of alumni belong to a specific stream. You can also post about job opportunities available in the campus which the alumni may be interested in.

Better reach and coverage
Using the alumni app, you can send newsletters, digital magazines and event invites to alumni in a matter of few seconds. Almost everyone uses a smart-phone now, and this translates to wider reach and better connectivity with your alumni. You can notify them of the official reunion and update if there is any change in plans.

Collaboration between alumni and students
Students graduating out to become alumni can have a smooth experience by learning and receiving helpful suggestions from the alumni. The Application Development for alumni can also have the option of students to join in so that they can interact with the alumni and access any information they require. It also gives the alumni an opportunity to form a picture of the present campus by communicating with the students.

Classified section and discussion Board
Alumni Management & Engagement Mobile App Solution also feature forums and classified boards where alumni can post important things. It provides a platform for engaging the alumni and gives them an opportunity to have a meaningful discussion.

Social media integration
Alumni apps can be linked with various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter. It helps promote the alumni association while providing opportunity to new members to sign up. You can share your alumni group and post comments and pictures which will be synced across the platforms.

Platform for donations
You can also use the alumni apps to send push notifications when you want to raise a donation for some cause. It makes the process easy and makes it easy and quick for the alumni to donate.

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