Monday, 6 June 2016

Building an Uber Clone App? 2 Must-Have Features!

Taxi applications have completely changed the way we travel within the city and reach our locations on time. If you are looking at developing the next big Uber clone app, you must bear in mind that your app should be packed with some must-have features.

Now the era has past of remaining on the streets getting splashed in the rains sitting tight for a taxi to shower you some mercy and stop by. With the trend of ride booking applications, jumping on to your next taxi is so easy – haul out your telephone, tap the application and sit tight for your swanky taxicab to come whisk you off your area.

In the event that you check out any metropolitan city, you will see that the huge names inside the armada administration framework applications, for example, Uber, Lyft, Ola thus numerous more are assuming control over the taxi business by a wide margin. Officially settled in the greatest urban areas everywhere throughout the globe, for example, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, they are rapidly wriggling their way into alternate parts of US, Europe and the various nations.

As there are two sides to each coin, ridesharing applications running on a taxi dispatch software has attracted its offer of negative remarks, for example, wellbeing, security, high expenses and so on. However, let’s keep those comments aside and before you start building your very first Uber clone app, do remember to pack in these features:


The very basics of cab-booking is all about geo-location based implementation. In other words, any fleet management system app runs around the term geo-location based implementation and these apps are backed by GPS or global positioning system. Mobile app developers ought to make a total error-free script which effectively recognizes the position of users, and a taxicab driver in the guide, and explore as needs be to make the brief reservations. The application ought to work for users and in addition taxicab drivers alike, without bringing on even a minor slack.

The whole condition requests the exact working of GPS, server, and the network connection facilities of the gadgets that are being used.

While making an Uber clone application with regards to the working terms of Uber and any other taxi booking giant, each business person must give an exceptional significance to the working of whole Geo-area framework utilized as a part of the application. A minor deficiency in the incorporation of route framework, user interface, Geo-situations, and execution may bring about a dismal failure of your application.

Systematic Payments:

Before you build an Uber clone app in relation to the t

ypical payment systems advanced by the taxi booking organizations, do take a look at Uber’s payment systems. With the absence of payments made in cash, it has made a path for wireless payment systems such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Visa, and MasterCard so on in the production of these sorts of taxicab booking applications.

Users who hold the taxis make the installment online at the time they finish the excursion. Website admins take their due offer and exchange the concerning add up to the driver's wallet. The installment framework works in a moment as indicated by the showed rates in the site. There is a clarity in the measure of cash to be paid according to the separation went by the workers. Subsequently, the shot of users getting into a contention with taxicab drivers will be significantly less.

To keep away from users dropping reservations at the last minute, the application ought to advance a credit reservation framework, which ought to be totally re-coordinated to the user's account at the time they finish the trip by making the last installment. All enhanced uber clone layouts advance one-tap installments, also by putting away the CVV number of cards utilized for standard exchanges.

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