Friday, 26 August 2016

Using a Taxi Dispatch System: How To Make The Most Out Of It

Many companies have already shifted to online taxi booking software through mobile apps. But you cannot get successful just by following an established business model. 

You have to put in your own innovations and customize the model to reap higher revenue.This article will provide ultimate tips on using your free taxi booking software in the most profitable manner leading to higher earnings.

Attract Customers

Your main income depends on the number of customers using your taxi service. Every effort of your company should be directed to attract and retain as many customers as possible. You can provide a discount on the first ride so that customers feel obliged to book your taxi. 

Once a customer is converted, direct your efforts to retain him with an incentive for referrals, occasional deals, and discounts. Your customer service should be top notch so that they choose you the second time for their needs. You can also target your rival’s customers and base the campaigns to get some competition benefit.

Provide Plenty of Choices

The secret to earn additional income is by extending the choice of vehicles. Customers seeking affordability can go for basic and standard cars while the creamy layer of consumers can choose high-end cars. Many taxi companies have a wide selection of cars which help them maximize their profits.

You should also keep the payment methods flexible. Apart from cash, there must be cashless methods to pay for fare using credit or debit cards, net banking, app wallet balance, etc. The versatile choice of payment gateway will draw more customers due to increased convenience.

Extra Charge for Additional Features

Apart from extending the selection of cars, you can also focus on extra features for them. For example, you can equip some cars of your fleet with Wifi and charge extra for the service. Additional charges can also be based on using car features like climate control, etc.

Pricing according to Demand

Your passengers get the taxi dispatch software free of any effort, and you can cash in on demand spikes. Many cab companies put a multiplier on their fares when vehicles are in high demand. This can be due to natural calamity, a festival or holiday seasons.

Consumers are ready to pay more to avail your service, and it is the perfect opportunity to generate more income. The reverse can also be done when demand is low to ensure your rides are getting booked.

Improving Customer Service

Your taxi booking software can also be used to gather important data about your customers and data. You can also use the same to provide a platform for passengers to leave feedback or rating on their riding experience. Armed with such powerful information, you can develop meaningful insights into areas that need improvement or change. It can also be used to keep a tab on driver behavior and dismiss them in the case of repeated poor feedback.

Reporting and Clarity of Information

You can configure your taxi dispatch software free of cost to send receipts to customer mobile or their email. Provide complete details with driver name, registration number; distance traveled, applicable rates and other information so that there is complete clarity.

You customer should be able to refer to the details and report any issues they face. Providing an estimated calculation of fare is also counted among the best practices.

Finding a Taxi Dispatch System That Works

A taxi dispatch software free is easy to get and can help you get your business to the next level. However, you need is a good mobile app development company who will be able to help you with all your taxi dispatch system needs, since every business is different.  Plus, a taxi dispatch system software that is free may not work as well and you definitely need to look for one that can work in the longer term.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Benefits Offered by Taxi Booking & Dispatch System

As a driver, when it comes to hopping to several places within your city without bearing the hassles of traffic congestion, nothing works better than a taxi. Irrespective of where you stay or work, it’s a taxi that makes traveling easier for you. However, hailing cabs was not that easy always. Before the emergence of Taxi dispatch or Taxi Booking Software, getting a cab meant waiting for hours. However, things are quite different today, thanks to the rapid strides made by technology. Passengers no longer have to wait, and there’s a cab whenever they need it.
That’s all about customer convenience. What about potential entrepreneurs venturing into this taxi booking service arena? From easy operations and cab tracking to payment options and intuitive features, a taxi booking software application brings umpteen benefits for both users and cab companies.

Identifying the benefits

With exclusive features and functionalities, cab booking apps promise unmatched user experience. Most importantly, the entire experience is not just about convenient traveling. Taxi booking applications offer additional opportunities to users, like rating the driver or posting comments about the ride, thus ensuring that their views get weightage.
It is these nuances that help you create stellar and incredible experiences for potential customers. If you are planning to invest in a taxi dispatch software development, here are some aspects you will need to consider before taking the plunge.

Aspects of paramount importance

Increased user convenience and smooth operability differentiate an average cab booking app from the excellent ones. If you wish to earn customer trust just like Uber, taking note of the following factors will be quite crucial.

    I.        User engagement and convenience
With market competition rising at a lightning pace, taxi booking services are finding it tough to hold on to their market share. Unsurpassed user experience and exceptional functionalities will make all the difference.

It’s here that taxi companies need to do the needful. By keeping a detailed list of potential clients, they will have the opportunity to offer improved and unique ride experiences. With features such as cab booking, tracking, virtual payments, and ride sharing, you will get your taxi booking software right into the hearts of your potential customers.

  II.        Easy installation
Cab companies must make sure their taxi booking apps offer easy installation and multi-device supportability. It is imperative to ensure that Smartphone users can download and install your cab booking apps on their phones. Since diverse varieties of iOS, Android, and Windows devices are available and used by individuals, your app needs to support all these devices.
With this particular feature, passengers will have unmatched satisfaction while installing your application.

III.        Payment options
Gone are the days when individuals had to carry cash while boarding taxis. With the online taxi booking revolution gaining grounds, things have changed for the better. While getting into a cab, you won’t have to worry about payments.

Highly functional and spectacular taxi booking apps offer easy and secure payment options. You can pay the fare with your Debit or Credit card, or simply use the e-wallets thus making swift and fast payments.Passengers traveling without hard cash can also enjoy superior travel experiences.

Parting views

In a world where tech innovations are disrupting every single sector, you just can’t stay away from it. Embrace the idea behind a state of the art taxi booking app like Taxi Pulse and get going with your taxi booking software free today! 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Taxi Dispatch Systems: Changing the Way Taxi Business Works

It is almost impossible to imagine a transport system without taxis. It is still the most used and dependable source of transit. Considering the enormous number of individuals depending on this sort of transport system consistently, the interest for taxi services is rising relentlessly. In the light of the rising interest, numerous taxi organizations have set up, which always rival each other to offer the best services to their clients. Each of these taxi companies is taking efforts to incorporate one unique feature into their services list, which would give them an upper hand over their rivals. With this scenario of rising demand and pressure of fulfilling the customer’s expectations taxi app development companies come into picture which aims at building advanced taxi booking and taxi dispatch system as well as taxi apps.

A taxi booking and dispatch software is an extensive answer for run smooth and effective taxi companies. Taxi dispatch systems are equipped with many powerful utilities, from showing the available taxis to book, Payment options, post use services and everything in the middle. Using such a taxicab booking and dispatch system renders advantages to both the clients and taxi organizations.
How these dispatch systems making things easier for the customers??
Let’s have a look.
      Super easy installation of apps

The simple-to-install taxi apps get an extraordinary simplicity of use for the riders. In the present period, where everybody utilizes the cell phone at all the times, taxi apps come in truly helpful. Taxi applications are available on almost all the platforms, from Android, iOS to Windows gadgets, they are available to all the Smartphone users. With only a few clicks on the taxi app, taxi will be at your doorsteps. Using this app can definitely make the booking process phenomenally easy.
      High on customer engagement
Typically, taxi booking and dispatch systems are made with the goal of improvising the customer count for companies. If customer found the system user friendly and efficient, the possibility of the customer to use the services again rises magnificently. The key to achieve this is to keep things as simple and clean as possible. Customized taxi booking and dispatch systems are some of the best and easiest solutions available on the market today for the taxi companies.
      Seamless payments
Carrying a cash while travelling is a great pain! This system  comes with very quick and easy payment solutions where money can be paid through cards. Online payment wallets can also be used, which are linked to their accounts to make swift payments. Drivers also have the advantage of easily accepting the payments and picking up clients even when they travel without a cash! This can reflect in the cab driver app, so the history of trips can be checked from the app.
      Outstanding dispatch system
Curation of taxis and dispatching it to the proper channels is a key to this business. A taxi dispatch system is basically made to efficiently dispatch the nearest available taxi to pick up the client. This feature enables a cab quickly available to the client and saves remarkable time on the driver’s end as well.

Overall, an advanced taxi dispatch system is a beneficial investment for the taxi companies. As taxi market is getting aggressive with pulling-up the technology trends, It is a need of an hour. It can be surely seen that next player in taxi market will be the one who know’s how to play well with technology.

Ways to Build Billion Dollar Taxi App like Uber

Uber is an undoubtedly settled plan of action and is driven by a prevalent taxi booking system which offers splendid usabilities to the clients, and businesses. The mind blowing achievement of Uber has empowered numerous emerging business people to embrace the same. The bringing need of transportation up in urban communities is another reason which obliges business people to make applications like Uber Clone App which work similarly as Uber do. In this article, we can look at a few strategies for making a taxi booking application like Uber.

Amazing hosting service is all you need

To host an application in the correct way is similarly vital to its creation. Even it is an iPhone app or an android app, the hosting is needed to be done properly without spending much capital. It is possible to host the application on any platform as the process get finished.

Selection of domain name plays a vital role with the hosting facilitation. Selection of domain name is crucial, it shouldn't be difficult to recollect, and is short also. Take due consideration of these perspectives, while the process of hosting.

Push your thoughts in customization

A businessman whatever selects must permit him appropriate substitutes for the end to end modifications. An entrepreneur always has his secondary plans in case of failures. When it comes to coding script, it should include all the possible entities firm owner requires into the app he creates. When the best possible processing of an app is required, the script must be shaped by right arrangement of activity clients anticipate.

Speed is vital     

The most critical component which chooses the unfaltering quality of uses is the measure of procedures happens with the applications. You have picked an ultra-productive hosting framework, and did everything to modify the application set up, yet if you disregard to grow the pace of procedures happen in your application, the application will end in an utter frustration.

Make your application and all the rage by any methods. Every driver or customer in the city should consider the working of your application. For ensuring this make an SEO immaculate configuration, and fuse every estimation of interpersonal interaction joining into it. Visit all the exchange from that you may get the contacts of drivers. Despite it, do email advertising to the best. Give the profiles of drivers and also customers in your application an opportunity to end up huge. In that way, you can construct the pace of procedures that happen in your application, and make it known not.

Payment modes- Make it clear

Clear payment methods are what needed in your app. Each taxi booking system markets online modes of payment, and the possibilities of card mode of pay which is processed over the web at the time clients achieve their drop point. The site admins take the commission's and deposit the remaining in driver's account. Each peer in this cycle needs the support of safe and easy payments. Hassle-free payments lead to many advantages like customer retention, trust, loyalty, operational time etc.

Play technology your advantage

Never miss the opportunity which comes with the affordable technology. There is a  buzz in the market to use the latest technologies which favors the business. So, it is necessary to keep some pointers in mind while designing, like screen sizes, platforms, and availability of internet. Your high-quality script should include maps, city routes, and the different pointers required for cruising around the city. Uber clone script entry in a market has made taxi booking app designing amazingly simpler.

Create space for feedback, and travel history

Your most unsatisfied customer can be your greatest source of learning. Client rating and additionally the posts reflecting review for each travel is extremely important. It includes the legitimacy of your application. Your business can reach great heights with considering the feedback as learning steps.

Nowadays, every company wants to get equipped with the latest technology, which can uplift their businesses. Advanced taxi dispatch system is something which proves to be ultra helpful for taxi businesses. Traditional businesses changing rapidly with new age technology. It can be surely seen that next player in taxi market will be the one who know’s how to play well with technology.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

5 Best Benefits of Introducing a Taxi Booking Software into your Business

Convenience always plays a key role in boosting up the sales of any business. And technology can work the best convenience to support your processes. This is common for almost for any business. Similarly, when you have a taxi renting business, the taxi, driver and an office is not enough – all you need is a powerful online taxi booking software. In this article, We have done our bit to introduce, What a powerful taxi software can do to your business.

Provides Automation to Business 
The best benefit in overall is that a software is totally able to automate the business completely. From booking request to making you available the nearest vacant cab, keeping driver and customer informed, taking payment, managing account and much more can be simply handled  by any taxi booking software. The need to hire costly staffs, missing on most of the booking requests only because you don’t have up-to-date report can be a past totally.

DIY is Exciting to Customers
Not having the automated system like taxi booking software, your customers have to rely on your service executives, and they will get the call received only if they are lucky enough. In a simple business perspective, there is a high possibility of losing out on more customers on peak hours due to this. And losing the credibility can be an irrecoverable loss for your business.

Not a case, when you have an online taxi booking software or a mobile dispatch taxi app linked with the system, Any of the customer can send their cab request at a time and the system will locate the nearest cab and inform you about the request. Isn’t it efficient for businesses and cool to the customers?

 We love integrating technology into our traditional processes, don’t we?

Rocketing the Productivity 
On the off chance that you can't go to every one of your customers, in what manner would you be able to enhance your profitability? That is not all! The customer, who didn't get good service this time, scarcely will call you again for another service. In this way, you'll lose the greater part of your customers continuously. That is the reason, it's exceedingly critical for any taxi company to buy an online taxicab booking software that will give you choices to simplify the business and improve efficiency. Still, there are companies who are still reliant upon the conventional manual systems. There is a huge possibility that these companies will lose their customers soon as their rivals have begun moving up one stage ahead with technology. 

Improvise the Customer Care 
The not so secret of every successful business is their happy and loyal base of customers. The time you become free from your usual activities because of the automation of the system, you can put your dedication on the customer support. It's critical for any business to give astounding quality support to their clients to guarantee 100% fulfillment. Outsourcing can be at your help if you don’t have the physical infrastructure. Always remember, the happy customers can be your best brand ambassadors. There is a great possibility of a satisfied customer to come back to you again for a service, you can even create a loyal base of customers gradually.

Provides Data Security
There was a time when people used to think that hardcopy documents are more secure than those on the internet. But, the scene is totally changed in past few years, any technology savvy person can agree with the thought that we are living in secured IT age with amazingly capable techs. Usually, a software comes in a totally encrypted manner which is almost impossible to crack. Rather, the physical information is more inclined to get crushed by any hazard or can be stolen all the more effortlessly. So, in today’s  age, it is highly recommended to store data on the server. Even if your computer gets crashed, your valuable data  will be totally safe and secure in the high quality and you can retrieve that data easily.

With millions of people relying on this kind of transport system every day, the demand for taxi services in near future will shot up for sure. To live up to the mark, Your brand needs to be future ready. The time is NOW!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Parse Migration Guide: As Parse is shutting down

If an app development project uses the Parse backend, it is necessary to plan Parse migration before the service shuts down in January 2017. Thankfully, for Parse developers, the service provider has just released a tool for database migration. This tool allows app developers to migrate their apps seamlessly to a MongoDB database. While the migration is taking place, the Parse API will operate as usual, thereby doing away with any issues related to downtime and hence maintain business continuity.

Furthermore, Parse has also released its open-source Parse Server that allows app developers to run most of the Parse APIs using their own Parse hosting that supports Node.js. Once the data is migrated to its own database, the Parse Server ensures the app runs with changes to the client side code.

Parse Migration

The migration requires two steps. One is migrating the data to MongoDB, which has to be self-hosted. The second is configuring Parse hosting for Parse Server and making sure that the app points to this server.

Data Migration

As stated earlier, for data migration, you need a self-hosted MongoDB. You can use Heroku for this purpose or go with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS offers several features to help you design as well as host MongDB cluster. And, if in the future you decide that you don’t want to use Parse platform, AWS allows you to transition seamlessly to Amazon DynamoDB, which a scalable, fast and no SQL database backend.

Heroku is a cloud-based platform as a service and offers support for numerous programming languages. Although it works differently from AWS, it allows developers to manage their infrastructure environment. Also, it takes away the need for infrastructure administration but allows app developers build as well deploy apps in a number of new ways.

Transferring the Database

This involves transferring the database from Parse-hosted database to self-hosted MongoDB. Once the transfer occurs then the Parse APIs have to be pointed to the new self-hosted MongoDB. The lets the client interact with the MongoDB through the Parse APIs.

Before the MongoDB is set up, it is important to ensure that it meets the Parse database size. It is imperative that the MongoDB is at least 10 times the specifications of the Parse database. Also, set the fail index Key too Long to false since MongoDB does not allow index keys to be bigger than 1024 bytes. If the value is greater than 1024 bytes, you will get an error. Also, remember that the latency between your MongoDB and Parse should not be over 20ms. To reduce latency, it is prudent that the Parse hosting for the Parse Server is in the same geographic region.

The good thing about the Parse migration is that you can attempt it as many times as you want as long as you are using the Parse database migration tool. Once you are happy with the migration and have manually verified everything, you can click on Finalize to complete the transfer in the migration UI. Thereafter, your app will begin using the new MongoDB.

Local Parse Server

You will need to set up a local Parse Server with proper Parse hosting. This server will bridge the communication between the MongoDB and development client. Make sure from the Parse dashboard, in the Security and Keys section of App Setting, you take down the values of the Master Key, File Key, Client Key, JavaScript Key and dotNETKey. These values have to be fed into the server constructor in the index.js. Perform a query to ensure it works properly.

Deployment of Production Parse Server

The open source version of the Parse backend it known as Parse Server. You can deploy it to any infrastructure environment that runs Node.js. The Server does not depend on the hosted Parse backend. Instead, it uses MongoDB independently of the hosted Parse database.

For deployment of the production Parse Server, you require the following:

      Node 4.3
      Heroku or AWS for the infrastructure
      Python 2.x

Once the deployment is done, point the app to the Production Parse Server. Test the app that is pointed to your self-hosted MongoDB using the Parse APIs, which are deployed on your platform. Thereafter, as users of the app to begin using the new app since after January 28, 2017, any call made to the hosted Parse backed will end in a call off.

The Bottom Line

For some app developers, Parse migration will be easy and they will be able to migrate without difficulties. For others, it may become too technical to figure out what to do. Under such circumstances, it is best to get a technical professional who excels in Parse migration using AWS or Heroku. The professional will handle all aspects of the migration, including setting up self-hosted MongoDB, local Parse hosting for the Parse Server and more. By doing this as quickly as possible, the risk of losing your app reduces substantially.