Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Quick Introduction Of Leading Test Automation Tools

Test Automation has made some amazing progress. The new automation testing tools of software automation now permit things impossible before. It is currently conceivable to consider circumstance in which you open your iPad and begin running your tests once again your company's VPN.

The 4 leading test automation tools which have changed the automation scene are:

  • UFT [QTP]: Popular tool from HP which can be utilized to automate web and desktop applications

  • Selenium: Most famous open source tool accessible for web automation

  • TestComplete: Popular tool for web, desktop and mobile automation testing

  • TestCafĂ©: Famous tool that uses all programs which bolster HTML 5 to record and run practical tests crosswise over operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux, and on remote PCs) and smartphones (iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone).

How about we talk about each of these driving automation testing tools in more noteworthy detail:


UFT remains for Unified Functional Testing and was earlier known as QuickTest Professional (QTP). This tool is from Hewlett Packard. UFT consolidates manual, automation and system construct testing together into in light of Integrated Development Environment. A portion of the key functionalities of UFT are:

  1. Cross Browser and multi-platform
  2. Picture based question acknowledgment
  3. Graphic representation of test stream


Since the initiation of Selenium 2.0 (generally alluded to as Selenium Webdriver), testers around the globe swear by its name. Selenium is the most mainstream testing framework for web applications. A portion of the key components of selenium which makes it one of the main automation testing tools are:

  1. Open source
  2. powerful, program based relapse automation suites and tests
  3. Capacity to scale and convey scripts crosswise over numerous situations
  4. It can be keeps running in numerous programs and operating systems
  5. Selenium can be controlled by many software dialects and testing frameworks.


It is an product from SmartBear Software. Utilizing TestComplete an tester can automate the testing of software created in different developments. The technology platforms upheld by TestComplete are desktop based, electronic and mobile based (IOS and Android). It is utilized for automating utilitarian testing and database testing. The components of test finish which makes it one of the main automation testing tools are:

  • Keyword Testing: TestComplete utilizes watchwords to speak to automation testing activities, which are effectively identifiable.

  • Test Record and Playback: Using TestComplete the user can without much of a stretch record and playback the situations.

  • Bug Tracking Integration: it considers a bug following framework combination.

  • Data Driven Testing: With TestComplete it is no longer required to hard code the data. Actually, you can bolster that data from an outer information source and screen the test in view of various sorts of data.


TestCafe is the useful web testing tool from DevExpress. They key components which separate TestCafe and make it one of the main automation testing tools are:

  1. Capacity to work without modules on any program

  1. Perfect with any program which bolsters HTML 5. (Presently days all programs bolster HTML 5)

  1. It likewise underpins all the major operating systems.

Above are best test automation tools. These tools provide value support for the testers to analyze the application completely. 

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