Monday, 20 March 2017

7 Must Have Skills To Look Before You Hire Android Programmer

The number of Android clients crossed the 1.4 billion client check in 2015 itself and the Android share of the worldwide mobile working framework advertise crossed 87.5% in 2016. There are more than 4000 Android gadgets with more than 400 Android gadget producers. The appearance of wearable innovation will additionally fuel the development of Android gadgets.

Every one of these numbers demonstrates the presence of a monstrous client base for Android applications. To grab the open doors existing in Android advertise you would plan to hire Android programmer. Taking after are the 7 must have tech abilities your decision of Android Application Programmers must have for building up a high ROI application.

1. Java Programming Language

An Android Google Application Programmers must be knowledgeable with Java Programming Language as it is the fundamental prerequisite for creating way breaking Android Apps. The engineer ought to be capable with the language structure of Java and essential programming structures. You should be very much aware of records, circles, and variable and question arranged ideas to have the capacity to program a practically effective application.

2. Structured Query Language (SQL)

A large portion of the utility, web based business, managing an account and other imperative applications are reliant on databases. Organized Query Language or SQL has an arrangement of guidelines which is utilized to cooperate with social databases. SQL can recover a lot of records from a database rapidly and productively. For an Android software engineer, SQL will help in dealing with the databases that are the back-end of Android applications.

3. JavaScript

It is an undeniable programming dialect that can give dynamic intuitiveness on sites. It gives usefulness, for example, powerfully making HTML and setting CSS styles, gathering and controlling a video stream from client's webcam, or producing 3D representation and sound specimens. It has the usefulness that incorporates Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) incorporated with a web program and outsider APIs to join usefulness in their destinations from other substance suppliers, for example, Twitter or Facebook.


JSON is short for JavaScript Object Notation which is an approach to store data in a composed and simple-to-get to way. It holds information in an intelligible gathering which can be gotten to in a legitimate way. JSON is lightweight as it has a minimized organization which indicates how to speak to complex information sorts.

5. Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

Android SDK is modules of Java code which encourages getting to gadget capacities, for example, accelerometer and camera. Android SDK has a solid documentation with a lot of illustrations that aides in understanding it.

6. Android Studio

Android Studio gives instruments which bolster quick development of applications on each sort of Android gadget. It is Integrated Development Environment for Android which helps in code altering, investigating, execution tooling gives an adaptable form framework and a moment construct/convey framework. Android Studio offers an element rich emulator which can test your App on for all intents and purposes any Android gadget setup.

7. XML

XML is a standard approach to encoding the information for web-based applications. It permits data to be passed between gadgets that can be seen reliably. XML streamlines information transport by lessening unpredictability as information can be perused by various contradictory applications. It likewise advances information sharing by giving programming and equipment autonomous method for putting away information.


If your determination of Android application developer has all the above tech abilities then you can rest guaranteed that you will have an actually able Android application. But, make sure when you hire Android programmer, he/she should have appropriate knowledge and experience in the development field.

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