Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Android Mobile Application Development Trends To Look Out In 2017

Mobile phones have made some amazing progress. It has been a long and energizing voyage from the time when Marty Cooper of Motorola made the principal cell phone bring in the '80s to 2016 when mobile phones mean cell phones and applications. Today cell phones are basically kept running on two stages – iOS and Android. While iOS keeps on having a specialty piece of the pie, it is Android that is really initiating an insurgency. According to insights, Android appreciates 82.8% piece of the pie of the worldwide mobile working system, and there are more than 1.4 billion Android users on the planet. In such a market situation, the conspicuous question we have to ask is – what will be the decision inclines in Android mobile application development for the staying half of 2017.

A portion of the patterns that guarantee just to enhance Android are as per the following:

Expanded Attention to User Experience

The Android commercial center is stacked with applications, and there is hardened rivalry. All Android application development services are experimenting with each trap in the book to stay at the top. This year, fulfilling user needs will be one of the top patterns in Android development. Improving user encounter by making applications straightforward, perfect and stacked with energizing elements will be one of the top objectives. The motivation behind why application developers will concentrate more on user experience is on the grounds that the enhanced experience will straightforwardly mean expanded utilization of the application.

Expanded Use of Augmented Reality

The greatest thing to hit cell phone users (both iPhone and Android) in July 2016 was Pokémon Go. The allowed to play enlarged reality amusement has in a brief span caught the consideration of thousands. The achievement of Pokémon Go demonstrates that the last 50% of 2016 will be about expanded reality and GPS technology. The way that Android is a simple alternative for AR developers, there will be an expanded interest in these rising advances.

Weight on Security

Without further ado cell phones will progressively be utilized for online exchanges, internet shopping, and distributed computing. Android is ready to lead the way, however, the restricted that is hampering its way is security. In the principal half of 2016, we have as of now observed an expanded weight on security, and this will proceed for whatever has left of the year also. There are as yet a few issues that make security on Android an uncertain issue, for example, pernicious programming entering Google Play and poor encryption. In the coming days, we can anticipate that developers will build information insurance guidelines and discover approaches to make a different workspace for business applications.

More Space for Free Apps

One of the essential reasons why Android appreciates such a huge piece of the overall industry is the simple accessibility of free applications. After all who needs to pay for something that can be delighted in free? Developers are probably going to stroll on this idea this year also and take a shot at growing free applications. Adapting through applications will keep on being an issue, yet the emphasis will be on expanding income through in-application promotion and not on applications themselves.

The Android application development market is not yet immersed, and that is the reason you can, in any case, make a stamp in the market. All you need is the support of a solid Android mobile application development company in India, for example, Semaphore Software. Keep in touch with us at info@silvertouch.com to find out about our services.

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