Tuesday, 21 March 2017

How To Increase User Engagement And User Retention For Android App Development

The development of any mobile application does not complete the undertaking. It would just make you arrive most of the way to your goal. Application engagement is the real viewpoint that expert Android app development companies need to think upon. Your application ought to have an extraordinary plan and it ought to be responsive in all perspectives. How about we have an eye on what is the distinction between App engagement and User maintenance.

Application engagement-It portrays how much dynamic are users on the application.

user maintenance It is the rate of users of an application who make an arrival to the application following three months of the first session.

It has been discovered that user surrender is expanding years after year. It was 20% in 2014 while rose to around 25% in the next year. The prime cause is users now have a considerable measure of choices at their fingertips. In the event that an application requires paid membership then users do a change to another application. Be that as it may, there is an arrangement of courses by which User engagement can be expanded.

Guarantee Simple Onboarding-

Numerous expert Android app development companies recommend simply onboarding. A simpler information exchange and data bringing diminish relinquishment rates all things considered. Try not to include excessively data fields. Include frictionless onboarding by making account creation simple. Offer instruction to the users as the application loads. Try not to request excessively data from the user as it befuddles them. Solicit fro a required sum from data so that the user may not relinquish the application in minutes.


Personalization helps a great deal in deciding user's needs and encounters. You can customize the user encounter by presenting the required notifications including names so that the users could wish to proceed. Push notifications that are pertinent to the user and he/she will begin staying drew in with the application.

Push Notifications

The measurements have demonstrated that Push notification has indicated 56% to 180% change in user maintenance. Push informing serves an essential capacity. On the off chance that executed appropriately, it can likewise help you with focusing on messages on the premise of user inclinations. It gives users motivation to return. Through push Notifications, you can make users product of new occasions and arrangements. It fundamentally prompts users to return to visit your application. There is a decent measure of reaction you get when you send a sweeping push notification. Increment user maintenance and engagement with conveying Push notification.

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