Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Important Open-Source For Android apps

Test Apps by Android Team :-

Could there be a superior approach to begin without taking a gander at the code of the top Android developers who built up the system? These are 15 diverse Android test applications made by the center developers of the Android structure. These incorporate a few recreations, photostream, time show, home screen alternate ways and so on.

Remote Droid

RemoteDroid is an Android application which transforms your mobile phone into a remote console and mouse with touchpad, utilizing your own remote system. You can learn parcel of things like interfacing with a system, controlling client finger development and so forth from its source.

TorProxy and Shadow

TorProxy is an execution of Tor for Android mobiles. Together with Shadow, it permits you to peruse site namelessly from your cell phone. You can find out about borrowing attachment companies, overseeing treats and so on by perusing its source code.

Android SMSPopup

It is an Android application that captures approaching instant messages and shows them in a popup window. Aside from being a help, this application likewise demonstrates to us generally accepted methods to interface with the implicit application that oversees SMS.

Standup Timer

Standup Timer is an Android application that goes about as a straightforward, stand-up meeting stopwatch. It can be utilized to guarantee your exceptional meeting completes on time and gives every one of the members an equivalent share of time to express their advance. You can figure out how to utilize the clock usefulness by perusing the source code. Likewise, this applications has clear refinement between view, display and so forth and has part of util techniques which we can reuse in our application.


It is a four square customer for Android. This application is fundamentally isolated into two segments; Reading the source code you can discover how to make


The pedometer application tries to make the quantity of strides you take each day. Despite the fact that the tally is not exact, you can learn distinctive things like interfacing with the accelerometer, doing voice refreshes, running foundation administrations and so on by perusing its source code.


OpenSudoku is a basic open source sudoku diversion. You can figure out how to show things in a framework in your view and furthermore how to connect with a site by perusing its source code.


ConnectBot is a Secure Shell customer for the Android platform. There is part of good things about this present application's source code developed by top Android developers. Look at it for yourself.

WordPress for Android

How might you expect a rundown of applications from me without specifying WordPress This Android application is from the authority WordPress development group. You can figure out how to make XMLRPC calls (notwithstanding other cool things) by perusing its source code.

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