Wednesday, 27 July 2016

How Can A Uber Script Help You Run Your Own Taxi Business?

Uber has established itself as a tried and tested business model, and entrepreneurs are now looking at the business model for tasting the success of their own. There are many other taxi booking software that is also growing in number - and if you've your own taxi or car rental business, you need to get one for yourself today!

Having an Uber clone app for your own taxi business can lead to exponential growth for your company. 

Whether it be managing and controlling the fleet effectively or developing your custom taxi app solution, a Uber clone app can be the answer you need to take your business to the next level.
The Uber clone script from Mobisoft called Taxi Pulse can be made to suit the requirements of your fleet and become the perfect solution for you.

Custom Building your Uber Clone App
The developers at Mobisoft have spent a lot of time developing Taxi Pulse. It is a top notch taxi booking software meant to deliver to the needs of your business. Uber is already operating in over 400 cities in 70 countries, and Taxi Pulse is just the thing you need to extend and grow your taxi business. 

  You will have easy control over your fleet and track each and every vehicle. 

An Uber clone app is ideal for connecting drivers and passengers together without any       delay. 

• The rating system helps to weed out unruly drivers and also block unwanted passengers.

  Everything is based in the cloud, so there is no extra infrastructure to develop.

Easy admin control and with tracking of daily reports and transactions. 

How does an Uber Clone App Work?
Taxi Pulse contains the full package of passenger app, driver app, and the admin control interface. Cabs can be booked easily with a few simple options in no time. Drivers will get the notification of the fare on their app along with the location. The passenger can select his choice of vehicle and get their approximate arrival time and fare.

Once the ride starts both the passenger and driver apps are updated. The route is displayed using Google Maps on both the apps. After the ride, passengers can either pay in cash or use cashless methods of payment. In the end, both drivers and passengers can rate each other on the experience. 

The need of a Taxi Booking Software
The way we used to hire taxis has changed. Consumers are not ready to wait for the services to be delivered. Now few hand gestures on your smartphone can hire you a cab sitting right in your home. You cannot expect your taxi fleet to drive around, looking for passengers on the road. That is a thing of the past!

If you want your taxi business to survive and thrive in today’s market, you need to build a custom Uber clone app with Taxi Pulse. It makes things easy, fast, reliable and consistent. It is also the way the world operates today. Passengers can book cabs in seconds and wait while the car arrives at their doorstep. 

Your driver saves on fuel and does not have to roam around aimlessly around the town looking for fares. It benefits both ways and helps your business to get more loyal customers.
People, who once get the taste and convenience of taxi booking solutions, seldom go back to the old ways of hiring a cab. It is in the interest of your company and taxi fleet to get Taxi Pulse customized and running for your enterprise.

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