Thursday, 14 July 2016

What Are The Ways To Promote Your Taxi Business Online

Taxi dispatch system has become popular among users as well as fleet management companies. Taxi management system allows you to book local cabs from any location and with better features it makes your traveling easy and secure.

Taxi software system also allows the passenger to track the location of the cab in real time. Taxi management software automates each and every process for customers, drivers as well as for fleet managers.

There are many benefits of using taxi booking software such as:

     User-friendly experience for customer 
     Maintenance of vehicle details 
     Dispatch jobs to driver automatically, here as the user books the ride, the nearest cab is given an opportunity to serve the customer
     Fare is calculated based on distance 
     Payment gateway support

This is the time when companies need to overcome poor taxi management and take the advantage of technology to serve and manage in more efficient way. With this kind of software, it becomes easy for fleet management companies to increase satisfied customer base, thereby increasing the Return On Investment (ROI).

In the age of Uber-like services, online marketing has become the important part of the taxi business. In order to increase customer base and revenue, you need to spread your service and make it known to people across the city or area. For this, the internet could be of great help, as with more and more people using the internet, you can make yourself and your service visible to them.

Here are few tips on how you can make your service known and at the same time market your taxi business to the large customer base:

Website of your taxi business is very important. A website with good content and well designed attract more customers. Choose the templates that easily go with your service, also make sure that your content is precise with some good punchlines in it. 

Creating and writing is another way to communicate with customers and inform them about your service. You can write on the local matters or on difficulties people are facing, you can also promote your latest offers and deals, also give a chance to the people to share their thoughts by asking them on how they feel or what they think about the service like yours. 
Press Releases
Media often publishes content or news with some good reason. You can contact PR agencies  if you have something that is worth to be published. PR should be about the launch of the service or product, any new or unique feature introduced in an existing product or service. Contact a good PR agency and get an effective Press Release ready, which can attract an audience interested in your service. 

Social Media
With more and more people using social media, promoting your taxi business on social media has become a necessity. Make sure you have someone handling constant updates, information, and content on social media. The social media page of your business or service should display some content, offer or deals that attract new customers. Various social media options are available like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest etc.
                                                                                    Online Booking Service 
With online booking service, it becomes easy for customers to book a ride from anywhere and at anytime. With just a click!. Taxi businesses are moving from traditional booking service to more advanced taxi booking apps. Moreover, there are Taxi software free of cost available in the market. Your online booking service should be simple to use for both customers and drivers. If it’s possible to add some extra features or additional benefits in your service.  

Online Referral Programs
Get your new customers with the help of online referral program. Without much investment, you just need to offer some discount or cash benefit by including an option of ‘invite a friend and share a referral code’. It’s a very cost-effective method and attracts more people to use your service. For example, Uber runs an in-app referral program, that offers two-way benefit by incentivizing both the referrer and a friend to whom it is referred. Some of the services also offer unique referral program, such as the one offered by SideCar, in its referral program, a person or customer earns cash, each time a person invited by him/her becomes a driver and has given a 10th ride. 

Online Ratings and Reviews
Online ratings and reviews can also help you to promote your taxi business. As people always choose the best in anything, and with good rating and reviews, your taxi service will be given high priority by people. You can service or company that publishes rating and review about a local business. Another way is to provide rating and review option in your taxi booking app for customers and later publishing it on your website or on the app store, these rating and reviews will be genuine to make people believe in you and your service. 

Marketing your taxi business is the most crucial part. You need to plan the strategies you apply in your marketing, as each decision taken by you can make or break your image. Always remember the words by Joe Chernov, “Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart”.

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